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 Brimhaven dungeon (serversided)

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PostSubject: Brimhaven dungeon (serversided)   Fri Jul 16, 2010 5:32 pm

If you have your own server and would like full brimhaven dungeon follow this tut.

search something similar to

if ((objectID == 1725) && (objectX == 2724) && (objectY == 3374)) {
            toX = 2727;
            toY = 9774;
            heightLevel = 0;

Copy that code and paste the code directly under it.

Then change the object id (obtained by clicking the object that doesnt work looking on your black box that runs your server and getting the object id and the x&y coords)

if ((objectID == objectid) && (objectX == xcoord) && (objectY == ycoord)) {
            toX = xcoords;
            toY = 9774;
            heightLevel = 0;

toY = 9774; (y coords of where it takes you)
toX = xcoords; (where it takes you when clicked)
heightLevel = 0; (heigth level, delete this line if you would like to stay on the ground.)

Save and compile then test it.
repeat for all objects that you want to work.

Delta base only.
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Brimhaven dungeon (serversided)
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