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 Help and the future of the server

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Help and the future of the server Empty
PostSubject: Help and the future of the server   Help and the future of the server EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 10:27 am

Ima need help with the client cuz every1 know i been having issues trying 2 play the server since I keep getting a blank white screen. Anyways, the summoning ints and models are ALMOST done!! Justin, ima e-mail them 2 you. Also, I put a "Read Me" in either all or almost all of the different folders. Make sure you dont forget to check each of them out. You just have 2 add in all of the ID's I think it was for the summoning pets. You might have 2 do the most work with the pets but it's not that much. Make sure if the read me tells you not to change the ID of the npc or item, don't change it. =))

Remember, every1 help me get on client =). santa farao santa
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Help and the future of the server
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